How We Work
ReadingWritingBreathing will create a high-quality bestseller that will surely meet the tastes of the readership and will take into account all your requirements and wishes.
Only the best team of specialists will work on your orders!

Everything that you have no time to do, we will do instead of you:
- Develop or finalize the concept of the book
- Structure your drafts and books
- Write the text, completely or partially
- Edit the draft;
- Select the title of the book based on the analysis of competitors' books and search queries
…..and many other things!

How does it work?
  • Leave a request.
Only one click and that’s all!
  • Answer a few questions.
Just a few ideas of your book.
  • Talk to our team.

Our managers will contact you to collect all the necessary information. We will discuss the needed service, find out the theme, readership, and plans. We will study your materials (if any), if not any – no worries – we will develop the concept of the future book, define all the requirements (volume, style, etc.).

  • The legal part
We will send you the contract to make everything safe and convenient for both sides. If you do not want to sign the contract, we still guarantee you the confidentiality and safety of our services. Moreover, at this stage, we will select your package and will form a payment plan.
  • Here we go! The first stage.
This stage includes outline, general vision, main tips, etc. We finalize the structure of the book, collect materials, and write drafts. Work plan (structure + abstract description of chapters) will be coordinated with you. When you approve this plan, we are starting the writing process. We will send everything to you so that you can make your own edits (suggestions, comments) during the whole work. If you don't want to make edits, you don't have to.
  • A little more to the end! The second stage.
After your approval of 50% of the book we are finishing it. The second stage includes – the writing of the second part of the book and editing & proofreading of the complete book.
  • Voila! Your perfect book is ready.
Depending on your package, we finish our work with a consultation / writing of accompanying texts / cover design / audiobook/ or even… with publishing of your Book!

Your book will be 100% associated with you. It will be your voice, your thoughts, your dream! It's worth it, isn't it?

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